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  • 04 Mar 2013 3:54 PM | J.
    Thank you to everyone who has sent us amazing feedback on the newsletter. I love all the responses from people who want to be featured in next month's newsletter. Please, keep them coming! If you have any other story ideas or suggestions on topics I should report on, please email me! I love hearing your ideas! Again, I'm so glad you all enjoyed the first issue of Spot-Light!
  • 01 Mar 2013 10:55 PM | J.
    I would like to thank all the members of the community who submitted names for the contest. The 5 runner-ups are as follows:

    Spot of Courage - Shelly Lucier
    A Spectrum  of change - Katie Morley
    The Spread Sheet - Richard Weksberg
    Vitiligo Voice - Ginny Dzuris
    Vitiligo View - Alicia Roufs and Ginny Dzuris

    Thanks again to everyone who submitted names and keep the feedback on the newsletter coming!
  • 01 Mar 2013 1:33 PM | J.
    Are you guys as excited to get the newsletter as I am to send it! We have been working hard for the last few weeks to get the new and improved NVFI newsletter out to you, or community and the time has finally come. In a few hours, that bell will chime and you will see the first edition of the newsletter in your inbox! Please, once you get it, let us know on facebook, twitter or here what you think! Thanks!
  • 27 Feb 2013 11:00 AM | J.
    A name has been chosen! Congrats to the winner named... just kidding! You will find out the winner when you open the newsletter! Until then, enjoy the suspense!
  • 26 Feb 2013 10:33 AM | J.
    Today is the last day to enter a name for the newsletter contest! We have had so many good names already that choosing one is going to be tougher than finding Waldo! I'm serious! But keep them coming anyways. Who knows? You may just win!
  • 25 Feb 2013 10:55 AM | J.
    Good morning/ Afternoon or Evening whenever you are! I hope your week is off to a fantastic start. I just wanted to remind all of you that the naming contest is almost over. We have received some fantastic names, and some fantastically funny ones as well. Keep them coming! The winner will be announced in the newsletter, which should be in your inboxes by the end of the week! How excited are you?

    Hope to hear from you all soon!
  • 22 Feb 2013 10:02 AM | J.
    Hey guys! We are working hard on the newsletter and we hope to have it in your inbox next week. Thank you to everyone who has contributed a name idea! We have received so many great suggestions already. Choosing a winner is going to be incredibly difficult. But there can never be enough suggestions so keep them coming!

    Also, if you don't follow us on Facebook or on Twitter, check us out at MyNVFI.

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
  • 19 Feb 2013 10:09 PM | Erin Cleveland (Administrator)

    The contest begins at 9:30am EST Wednesday February 20,2013 and ends at 5:00pm EST Tuesday February, 26, 2013.  We will be announcing the winner in our next newsletter.  You may enter our contest as many times as you'd like.  Good Luck!
  • 15 Feb 2013 11:20 AM | J.
    Hey guys! It's J. again. I am happy to announce that in the coming weeks a new and improved MyNVFI newsletter will arrive in your inboxes brimming with information. The newsletter will contain articles and pictures, announcements and anything else we think you would like to see. So, on that note, if there is anything special that you think the NVFI newsletter should contain, please leave a comment on this post and I will do my absolute best to accommodate because, as I've said before and I will say many times again, the focus for NVFI is on you! Thanks in advance for all your help!

  • 12 Feb 2013 10:45 AM | J.
    I am sure you have heard the name before. Lee is one of the most famous people with Vitiligo and, since this interview, has become a role model for people with Vitiligo everywhere. Watch Lee's courageous interview on 20/20 about revealing to the world that he has Vitiligo.

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