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The National Vitiligo Foundation depends on the generosity and passion of its volunteers to enable implementation of our important work of increasing awareness worldwide, providing patient resources and supporting research for vitiligo. 
In recognition of those members who have gone above and beyond to make a difference to the Foundation and to the lives of others with vitiligo, we have created this Volunteer of the Year page. As you read about these people and their lives, we hope you will be touched and inspired by what they have accomplished.  Join NVFI in celebrating our heroes! 


        Heather Marsh - 2011                                                                                                 

   Heather Marsh

While Heather does not have vitiligo herself, she has seen firsthand how skin diseases such as vitiligo hurt the self-esteem and well-being of children, close friends, and even her husband (who has vitiligo). Being a teacher, Heather cares a great deal about other people and their success, and this motivates her to be an active volunteer for the Foundation. There is a good chance that the mailings you have received from the NVF were put together by her own hands.


 Dhanya Chandramohan - 2009

    Dhanya Chandramohan

Dhanya Chandramohan personifies how having vitiligo need not hinder your dreams. She is a talented and bright high school senior in Bridgewater, NJ. One of her many passions in life is a form of traditional Indian folk dance, Bharatnatyam. She has spent many years developing her talent in this beautiful art form. Last fall, Dhanya developed and performed a one-woman dance recital as a fund raiser for the National Vitiligo Foundation. This event raised nearly $4000 to help support research towards finding a cure.


    Maggie Hargrow - 2008

   Maggie Hargrow

Maggie's life was changed when she went to the National Vitiligo Conference in Fall 2007. In her own words, “Before I went to the conference, I felt isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. But when I walked in and saw people just like me, it was like that covering of fear and self-loathing had been scraped off. It gave me the confidence to come out of hiding, and reminded me that each day is one more beautiful day that God has given me to do something with my life. I try to think positively now and do more to conquer my fears.”

During the subsequent vitiligo conference in October 2008, Maggie volunteered extensively to facilitate the success of the meeting. In addition to an invitational video, on site registration of people for the conference and providing a keynote lecture, she also gave every attendee she saw a big smile and hug. “Unlike vitiligo, smiles and positive feelings are contagious. I can’t wait to spread them to other people like me!”

      Maria Balarin - 2007

Maria with her two sons

Maria is a mother of two sons, both diagnosed with vitiligo. She is very passionate about awareness of this disease.

Maria successfully petitioned New Jersey Governor Corzine to proclaim the month of April 2008 Vitiligo Awareness Month. She held an educational forum at Wayne Hills High School for over 350 freshman students, and also a Meet and Greet in East Windsor, NJ for patients and their families. Most recently, she organized a walk for vitiligo awareness across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Maria has pledged her commitment to this cause and makes an appeal to those with vitiligo, their families and friends to get involved.
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